How To Create A Profitable Blog and Earn Money in 2022

Create A Website/Blog and Earn money Online in 2022

Website is a genuine method for earning money. and also a method to share your feedback and knowledge to your visitors or viewers of your website.

In This Article

1. How To Create A Website in 2022
2.How To Write A SEO FRIENDLY article To Monetize Your Website
4. How To index Your Site on Search Engine (Google/Bing).
5.How To Research Keywords

How To Create A Website in 2022

There are two many platforms available at this time to create a best website.
But I will tell you the simplest method of creating a attractive website or Blog.
There are two simple platforms for creating a website first one is blogger and the second one is WordPress. if you are a beginner you have to start from blogger.
First you have to purchase a top level domain from various platforms like good ID hostinger A2 hosting and many other websites available on Google right now I will provide the best hosting and domain link for your website if you want to create your website on blogger you just have to purchase domain.

 if you want to create your website on WordPress you have to purchase hosting plan eg.(shared, cloud) and many other hosting plans.
Check our YouTube channel Apna work hub for irritated video about creating your website on blogger and wordpress I’ll provide the link below to visit our YouTube channel and create your website step by step by watching the video

2.How To Write A SEO FRIENDLY article for your Blog in 2022

If your blog content is not returning SEO friendly your website will not rank and you will not get audience from Google and other platforms so you have to write a good and attractive title Permalinks (Parma link is a title for your URL) first complete article research or keyword research then you can write a SEO friendly article. I will provide a separate video link to write a SEO friendly article .if you friendly article is basically made for rank your articles on search engine on top search results to interact the audience.
You can visit top websites and blocks and see their titles and monitor the titles and articles to learn about SEO friendly articles

1. upload Compressed photos.
2.write Good length of articles. suitable titles for your post To Monetize Your Website in 2022

First of all you have to create all pages like contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer, about us
And write at least 25 articles on your blog or website to be eligible for Google AdSense.
If you don’t have these things you can go for alternatives for Google AdSense like affiliate marketing and other CPA networks to monetize your will blog or website or you can make coupons website like Flipkart, Amazon and other affiliate networks to generate a best passive source of income.

4-How To index Your Site on Search Engine (Google/Bing) in 2022.

After Creating your website you have to index your website on Google network or being network in this article I will tell you how can you index your website on Google. First you have to create your Google search console. website account after Creating your account on Google search console you can index your website on the left side corner of Google search console named as URL inspection after adding your website on Google search console. and also you can write a good article in at least 1000 to 1500 words to rank your website in bring search engine.

5.How To Research Keywords

Before writing your article you have to inspect about your article. for inspecting your article is your article is unique or not, you have to make a research about your article there are two many platforms for keyword research but I will prefer you about samrush
Samrush is a best platform for keyword research you can know about your keyword what is your keyword difficulty and all you can use if free trial of simmerse from here if you like this you can get subscription of this website at a minimal cost.

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