5 Best Methods To Earn Money Online Work from home

Top 5 Best Online Earning Method To Earn Money

In this Blog I will tell you the top 5 methods to earn a passive or full time income.
So read the full article to learn about all the five methods where you can earn money online.

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4-Content Creation
5. Facebook/Instagram Marketing

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Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a best method of earning. you can earn more than your expectation from affiliate marketing. on every and each platform has their affiliate marketing networks where you can earn more so I Will Tell You how can you earn from affiliate marketing.  

Affiliate marketing is a program designed basically for the reference of products and services where you can promote companies product and services when users purchase the services from your affiliate links you will get up to 100% of commission from your affiliated links 
, on the next article I will tell you about the late program in deeply so you can on more than 1000 dollar in a month. from affiliate marketing. if you have a good amount of audience you can create audience as well. from your website and YouTube channel and also from Instagram and Facebook marketing. so affiliate marketing is a good method of earning source of income. where you links will work for you to earn more.



EE OR BLOG is the best method of passive source of income ,and generate income from Google AdSense and other ad networks by creating your blog where the visitors visits your block and clicks on your ads or see your ads in your website.
You have to create a genuine content for your website to give correct information and correct content to your audience.
 to grow your website faster and also your content have attractive information and fastest website loading time you can place at between the blog and web pages and also you can promote affiliate links on your blog and generate a best source of income from your site of blog
There are two simple platforms to create your website the first one is blogger the end the second one is WordPress where you can create your website very easily and generate a best amount income from your website you just had to follow some steps to create your website simply and you have to upload your website on Google search console for Google indexing. I will tell you about how can you create your website and how can you customise your website on another blog so you can read our upcoming articles for more information I hope this information given by Apna work hub is informative for you.


E-Commerce platform is basically designed for selling your products online and reach your audience easily.
You can create your website on WordPress and install woo commerce plug in and all the necessary plugins and create your ई-कॉमर्स platform easily and you can also prefer for showroom app and many other apps available on Play Store to create your ई-कॉमर्स platform easily. You can sell more products online because you have option to sell your product in whole country or you can say in whole world.
Online E-Commerce platform can give you more audience and also you can promote it on your social media platforms and in your website or YouTube channel and generate more sales .more sales means more income
If you don’t have any products to sell online you can sell your services or resale your products from various platforms where you can sell or resale like meesho and other platforms and generate a good amount of income from E-Commerce platform I will give you a full article regarding this topic on upcoming post

Content Creation

We are talking about YouTube channel videos creation .
YouTube is a platform where you can create your videos like informative videos, dance videos ,singing videos, tech videos, and various type of videos and you can generate a passive source of good income.
You can also share your knowledge with your students or you can teach on YouTube when you create video on YouTube you can monetize your YouTube channel through Google AdSense or you can promote products and services of other brands and also generate a good amount of income from YouTube so YouTube is a very good source of income.
Full information about YouTube we will provide you on next article. on our website so stay tuned on this website. hope this information is informative for you provided by apna work Hub

Facebook/Instagram Marketing

Many peoples waste their time on watching Instagram reels or Facebook reels and scrolling on Facebook and Instagram.
Do you know Instagram and Facebook maybe the good source of income and also a passive source of income so I will tell you how can you earn from Instagram and Facebook marketing so first of all we will talk about Instagram marketing so in Instagram marketing you can promote brands or services videos or post or story on your Instagram profile if you have more subscribers or followers so you can gain more followers by creating a professional content and informative attractive content for audience.
We will talk about Facebook Facebook is a platform where you can share your post and your content on your facebook pages you can promote brands products on your Facebook page also you can sell your products and one more thing you can also share affiliate link for extra commission and you can earn more from Facebook.
We will write a content about Facebook on our upcoming post so stay tuned on our Page For Upcoming posts.

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