How To Get Credit Card Without CIBIL Score and Refer and earn more

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 How To Get Lifetime Free credit card Even On Zero Cibil How ?

In This Blog I will Tell You How Can You Get Lifetime Free Credit Card even on Zero Cibil by Just Creating FD of Rs. 2000 only

What Is Inside This Blog

∆ 1 What is Credit Card

∆ 2 Is Credit  Card A Type Of Loan ?

∆ 3 Who Can Apply For Credi Card Or Who is Eligible For A credit Card ?

∆ 4 What Are The Pro’s Of Credit Card ?

∆ 5 What are the cons Of A Credit Card

∆  6. How Can You Earn By Making And Applying Credit Card For Your Clients and Friends ?

∆ 7 What Will Happen When You Repay Your Bill Delay in credit card

∆  8 What is One Card (ONECARD) Credit Card ? 


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Point No. 1 What is Credit Card

Credit Card is Like A ATM Card in Look But it is totally different from debit Card. Because in debit card You have To deposit full amount to Spent Or Withdrawal From ATM or POS machine (POINT OF SALE) This information is Provided by Apna Work hub. 

But in Case of Credit Card bank’s Provide You a Limit (Loan) To spent and Withdraw at 0″ % Interest on a period Of Upto 50* Days and After that bank Will Charge  a huge ammout of interest.Information by Apna Work hub CEO

Point Nuuber 2 Is. Credit Card A Type of Loan

In Simple Word I Can Say Yes Credit Card is A Type Of Loan but  Charges You a Huge amount of interest  of upto 40%  which is not Good but You can Use it at zero percent  of upto 50 days So it’s very good To use. In Apna Work hub opinion You Can Prefer this 

∆ 3 Who Can Apply For Credit Card Or Who is Eligible For A credit Card ?

Credit Card Is Basically Provided By The Bank To it’s Targeted audience like high income Self employed like 5 to 6 lacs ITR and also for Salaried person’s Whose Salary is Greater Than At Least 25 k 25,000 Per month Or above to be Eligible For A Credit Card but A Alternative option is For You now anyone can Apply For a Credit Card  By Just Creating A FD On every banks at Least 10000 But You don’t have to Worry Apna Work hub will Tell you about a Lifetime Free credit card (ONE CARD) APPLY NOW BY JUST CREATING A SIMPLE 2000 FIXED DEPOSIT AND GET 110 PERCENT CREDIT LIMIT APPLY NOW

∆ 4 What Are The Pro’s Of Credit Card ?

In The cAse of credit Card You  can use it To Purchase Various Product on eCommerce site and Get Huge Discount On that and On Many stores ayou can use and Get best discount from Various banks Credit card.

∆ 5 What Are The Con’s Of Credit Card ?

The Mazor Con’s Of A Credit cards are The high Interest Rates on Late Payments And It Can Also Affect  your CIBIL Score and  this is Basically The Trap for Costomer To shop and take loans From Banks To charge high rate of interest from the cotomers .Apna Work hub Can Not suggest A Credit Card for daily use

∆ 6. How Can You Earn By Making And Applying Credit Card For Your Clients and Friends ?

You Can Reffer For One Card  ONECARD And Earn 1 lac Per month or Above in A Month  or more  you Can Sign up Using This link And Get a credit limit of 2200 by just creating a FIXED DEPOSIT OF RS. 2000 and Also You will Get 6% Interest for Your FD  AND you get 10000 points It may vArry till now you will Get after that apna work hub will not be responsible for that 10000 points are equivalent to 1000Rs. Means you will Get Rs. 1000 rs. for Every Refferal 

Sign up Now

after Signing Up and Successfully Got Credit Card  Number You Can Apply For Cred app And Get Rewarded On Every  Bill Payment of Credit Card and Get point’s in cred 

Sign Up For Cred

You Can Also Reffer For Cred App and Get a Assured Cashback Of 1000 for now  and Referred friend Will also Get upto 250Rs. On First credit card bill Payment
Hope information by APNA WORK HUB is Knowledge full for You

∆ 7 What Will Happen When You Repay Your Bill Delay in credit card

If You Pay Your Bill Delay in credit card You Will be charged for A High Rate of interest on Per day or per weak basis depend upon your Bank
Hope These information by Satyam Shukla is helpful for You

∆ 8 What is One Card (ONECARD) Credit Card ? 

One Card Is A Life Time Free Credit card Provided and Generated Through SBM  Bank and Various bank Depends Upon Your Cibil You Can Check It’s eligibility and Apply For one card By Just 

clicking here

OneCard : Refer & Earn : Get 20000 Points Per Referral & 2000 Points On Sign-up 😍

Signup 2000 points : Worth ₹200
Per Referral 20000 points : Worth ₹2000

Download OneCard :

Download Now

If You Don’t Have A Credit Card, Take This Lifetime Free Credit Card.

How To Activate OneCard 

Download App From Here :-

Open > Enter details > if you fulfill their eligibility criteria, then you’ll get a FREE Metal Credit Card without creating any FD.

If you’re not eligible, then just create a FD of minimum ₹2000 & You’ll Get ₹2200 As Credit Limit.

Start referring friends & get ₹2000 per referral.

Benefits Of This Card 
*Daily Offers on Zomato & Swiggy.
*Buy 1 Get 1 Free bookmyshow.
*Unlimited reward points

*Sign-up using this link to unlock all benefits of this card. 😍

P.S. : A couple of months back, there was an offer on Zomato, and users got flat ₹250 off on no minimum order value using this card.

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