Paytrac Merchant Onboarding

 Paytrac Merchant Onboarding Step By Step 


Paytrac merchant onboarding Process Step by Step . 1st Of all we should know About Paytrac What is Paytrac

2.what’s  it’s need To Merchant

3.where To Onboard

4. Documents Required For This

4.which city is covered in this Project

5.Criteria For Non Rejection in payout


Payatrac is a android Application Powered and developed by Deazzle india Pvt. Ltd. that track your Payment credited or Debited from your bank account .And gives you audio alert for every payment done through any Merchant QR .Like Paytm Google pay.And you can see your bank balance at single place so Paytrac is very usefull application for any Merchant so .Any merchant can Use this Paytrac App for Real time Payment tracking.

2.why Merchant need paytrac ?

Paytrac is Payment Tracking Application basically using Paytrac Any merchant Can track there payment 

And Gets Its Audio alert on every Transaction.

So that is theApp where A merchant Can manage a day by day Expenses and selling  a most important thing you can also track normal payment massages 

And you don’t need to warry about anything Paytrac never read your Secret OTP and password sent by your bank information varifed and Given by Apna work hub

Where to Onboard

A Agent can Onboard Any Of Merchant only you can not onboard A Individual in Pan india 

Why You can’t onboard Individual

Ans. Because will Give Payout Tobthe agents only who are accepting digital Payment through QR codes

Q.who can Download Paytrac  

Ans. Anyone can Download Paytrac There is no boundation for Downloading Paytrac 

(APNA01) Refferal Code You can use This at the Time of Downloading Paytrac


There Is no Required Document for  Paytrac  But Merchant should have Their smart phone and A QR Sticker at their shop  and minimum 5 QR TRANSACTION OLDER MASSAGES TO GET PROPERLY ONBOARD

Which city is covered in this Project

All the cities and villages In india are coverd in this project .you can Onboard where ever you want. so Keep working and keep growing best wishes apna work hub.

Criteria For Non Rejection Or perfect Onboarding

Merchant should have their own phone with merchant massages .Merchant QR Like Google pay phonepe,bharatpe and many other mechant who are accepting digital Payment. Can be onboarded and massages should be older at least one month 

Thank you regards Apna work hub

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