Amazon Cab Onboarding


Short introduction Regarding Amazon cab

As Per Market Situation and Covid-19 Situation everyone including and Excluding the market Are Accepting Digital payments And During This Every Taxi & Cab Drivers are facing Some Difficulties in This Pandemic Season And In Future As Well .
So after walking to the market Amazon has Checked That Taxi And Can Drivers Also need QR Codes So. Amazon has Specially Designed A QR codes For and Cabs as Well With Great offfers Like Free Car charger and covid kit 


1st. step A Agent Will Visit to Cab He needs some Documents Required Driving Licence and Permissions, POA,POI Etc,.  
Agent Will Login On Flash App and He Will Onboard the Cab Directly

How To Get Work

You can Work With Us As A Big Level Like TL And Partner If Your Team is Larger than 100 working agents and You can Also Work as A  FOS MEANS MARKETING AGENT and Get Salery As Per Target For This Project And Many Other Projects

Which type Of Vehicals Can Be Onboarded

The Vahicals May Be Two Types One Is 
CABS and Second One Is Auto can be onboarded in this Project This Project is Operated by Official Partners From Amazon

Incentives For Agents

Agents Will Defenetly Get An Incentive when they he/she Achieve Their Milestone

Contact Info Of Company
This Is our Official mail id Given On Our Contact us Page As Well

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