AngelOne Accunt Opening

Open Free Demat Account And Get Upto Rs;.300/-

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Term & Conditions;

Important T&C’s: 

  • Trade should happen within 7 days of account approval (Account getting opened)
  • The minimum deposit is Rs 10
  • Reffer code compulsory for getting Cashback
  • Apna Work Hub registered Mobile Number & Angelone Account Registered Mobile Number have to be the same
  • If you do not make a minimum deposit and Trade of min. Rs 10 in your Angel Account within 7 days of KYC, you will not be eligible for Cashback
  • Valid Everywhere

About your Cashback:

  • Upon successfully Opening the Account and making the deposit and Completing Trade, you will receive a confirmation message on WhatsApp confirming your Cashback within 36 hours.
  • Within 3 days from making the Trade, you will receive your Cashback through Amazon Gift Card on WhatsApp or via UPI transfer, based on your preference.

Your Cashback is only applicable if:

  • You use Reffer codes mentioned here or on Angel.